Recruitment Privacy Statement

The personal data collected in job application forms will be used by Baker Tilly Hong Kong to assess your individual's suitability to assume the job duties of the position for which they apply and to determine a preliminary remuneration and benefits package to be discussed with applicants subject to selection for a position.

It is our policy to delete immediately after screening the personal data of unsuccessful applicants. The data of short-listed candidates will be retained for further processing. Successful candidates will be informed within a period of six weeks. Applications are deemed to be unsuccessful if there is no response from Baker Tilly Hong Kong after six weeks from the date the application was sent/ application deadline. Personal data on such applications will be deleted within six months of the date the application was received by Baker Tilly Hong Kong/ application deadline.

By submitting data through Baker Tilly Hong Kong's website, the visitor is providing explicit consent to agree with the data collection policy of Baker Tilly Hong Kong.

For more information, please contact our Human Resources Department at:


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