Audit and Assurance

Our audits are objective, independent, constructive, and delivered with the least possible disruption to our clients.

China Services

Reporting on China and Hong Kong subsidiaries of transnational and listed companies is a key strength. We can assist businesses navigate the rapidly changing landscape in the P.R.C. as Chinese Accounting Standards converge with International Financial Reporting Standards. Together with statutory audits, we offer a comprehensive range of business services in areas specific to the China market for both local and overseas companies.

Initial Public Offers

We have both the experience and capacity to support businesses before, during and after a listing process, whether the listing takes you to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Main or GEM Boards. Working independently, or in conjunction with our Baker Tilly International offices, we have also assisted Hong Kong and international clients list on NASDAQ, AMEX and AIM markets.

What you get from Baker Tilly assurance services:

  • Experienced audit teams with core industry focus
  • Open communication and pro-active responses to emerging issues
  • Reliable input and assurance on your financial statements
  • Risk-based approach that includes process and control reviews
  • Thorough data analysis using our electronic audit platform for maximum efficiency.

Audit and Assurance Services

  • Attestation services and forms of reporting
  • Auditing in China
  • IFRS audits
  • Other non-statutory audits
  • U.S. GAAP audits.

Other Assurance Services

  • Audits in connection with IPO's on the Hong Kong Main Board and GEM markets, and overseas markets including NASDAQ, AIM, Australia (ASX) and Singapore (SES)
  • Consultation on technical, accounting and financial reporting issues
  • Due diligence reviews in Hong Kong and Mainland China
  • Special audits in connection with litigation
  • Special audits for mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuations for purchasers and sellers of businesses.



Why clients choose us

"Many thanks to you and the team for a very smooth and efficient process again this year. It is enormously appreciated."

  • Gregor Mckellar, Chief Financial Officer, Angkor Hospital for Children Limited

"I have always been pleased with this firm, for their professional service and thoroughness. I’m confident to say that Baker Tilly Hong Kong has played a pivotal role in the development of the company.”

  • John Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Pak Tak International Limited (2668.HK)
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