Technical & Regulatory

Provided either as part of the audit process or to address ad-hoc problems and disputes, our technical advice and assistance on regulatory matters helps your business build internal control and corporate governance procedures. Our professionals can assist you in regulatory investigations and proceedings, up to and including action or prosecution by regulators.

Written opinions, and second opinions where considered necessary, on complex accounting and regulatory issues can be provided.

What can you expect from Baker Tilly 's Technical and Regulatory Services Department:

  • A genuine expert-led team
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Dependable and candid advice
  • Technical excellence.

Technical and Regulatory Services

  • Technical advice on financial reporting
  • Bespoke technical training
  • Technical advice on compliance with ethical and quality control standards.

Get in touch with our expert:

Sky Yuen

Sky Yuen

Director, Technical & Regulatory